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Self Ligating Braces in Lucknow

Since then, they have really taken off within the past few years. This is due to a number of reasons:

  • Less “chair-time” and fewer visits to the orthodontist
  • They can cause less friction and discomfort and can be potentially easier on teeth
  • No ligature such as color bands, elastics, or metal ties
  • They could be easier to clean

What are Self-ligating Braces?

Self-Ligating brackets are placed much like the conventional braces, with the exception of a ligature: No elastic, rubber bands or metal ties are used to secure the wire within the bracket. The brackets have an inbuilt mechanism (slide/clip) which can be opened and closed to secure the wire. This allows greater freedom of tooth movement; thereby they might reduce the discomfort that is sometimes associated with traditional ligature. During monthly visits, opening and closing the slide (or door) on the brackets is generally a speedier process, than removing and putting elastics around each bracket (as in the case of traditional braces). Patients will be in and out of the office quicker. A major concern with conventional braces is the maintenance of proper oral hygiene, as food accumulates around the elastic bands. Due to the absence of these bands, brushing becomes easier with Self-ligating brackets.