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All on 4 Dental Treatment in Lucknow

Read the digits 3,600,000,000. Do you wonder what is this count for? This my friends, represent the number people in the world with missing teeth. Yes, almost half of the world’s population is missing one or several teeth due to different reasons. Now that’s a huge number!! Tooth is an organ of your body just like any other organ but you realise its value after they’re gone. Each missing teeth can have a negative impact on your quality of life. Do you even remember the last time you bit into a juicy apple or a crunchy snack without hesitation? Do you feel less confident while speaking in public or smiling on social occasions? or Do you have a denture/prosthesis that gives you more trouble than support? Whatever may be your problem, we shall give you a permanent solution for it All on 4 Dental Treatment.

Have you ever thought just four implants replacing all the teeth in your mouth? Ground breaking concept of All on 4 Dental Treatment
have made it possible. If you want to replace all your lost teeth with dental implants than you’ll obviously be interested to know the ways to
save your money . All-on-4 implants can offer the most cost-effective solution as they require only four implants to replace all teeth in one jaw All on 4 Dental Treatment.

To understand this technique, you should first understand what actually a dental implant is. It is a small titanium screw that
fits in your jawbone and replaces the root-part of the missing tooth. Over this we give a functional prosthesis/crown. Now multiply this idea into four and you will understand this technique well.Instead of using one implant for every missing tooth, we simply use four implants on top and four on the bottom which act as anchors.Once, these four implant fit in place, we place a set of your new teeth (provisional denture) at these spots so, you leave our center with a natural and beautiful looking, fully functional set of teeth—all this is in just one day! But you need to understand that this set is only temporary. It will take some time for dental implants to heal and fuse nicely to your jawbone. Once it happens, you will come back and get them replaced with permanent and more esthetic set of teeth customized just for you. The permanent prosthesis can be fabricated from materials such as acrylicfused to titanium, monolithic zirconia, and porcelain stacked to a cobalt-chromium frame All on 4 Dental Treatment.

– STEP 1
Once you arrive at the clinic, the first stage is to receive local anaesthesia/sedation.
– STEP 2
Minor Surgery: Our dental surgeon will place four implants into the jaw.
– STEP 3
During recovery time, dental technician will prepare your new provisional teeth.
– STEP 4
We deliver your new smile and you leave the clinic with fixed provisional teeth.

Recovery after procedure:

Unlike traditional dentures where recovery time can range from 3 to 8 months, in All-On-4 denture, you start functioning sooner. The reason being, implants fuse to your bone and start promoting stability of denture from the very first day. Immediately after procedure, you will need to gently bite down on gauze packs placed inside mouth until you stop bleeding, which you can remove later. As you go home from surgery, make sure you don’t rinse or touch the tender surgical areas except for gentle brushing using a soft toothbrush. And avoid smoking unless you don’t want the surgical spots to heal well. It is also important to keep your mouth as clean as possible. Our doctor will prescribe you a medicated rinse that will keep the bacterial count down and promote healing. Twenty-four hours after surgery, if you experience minimal bleeding, you can gently rinse your mouth with warm saltwater for 2-3 times per day All on 4 Dental Treatment.